Sunday, 8 May 2011

Reciprocal Verbs and Einander

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Myrtone said...

How does the sentence "Wir warten für uns" feel to a native speaker, what does it sound like it means?

Paul said...

Thanks so much for taking the time and trouble to make these available. As a non-linguist-type Brit, I'm in a constant battle with the minefield of German grammar, and maps made by someone who speaks the same language, knows where you're likely to tread, and is good at explaining have made the chances of me making the other side in one piece infinitely higher!

Anonymous said...

Laura: Thanks so, so much for these wonderful German Grammarpods. What a lot of effort on your part. You are a very gifted at teaching and I like that you speak so clearly and are easy to understand. I also somehow missed out on grammar when learning German (although I learned it in Germany through speaking) and I really needed some grammar help. Thanks ever so much for making the transcripts available. These podcasts have been such a blessing. Amy in Arkansas.

Anonymous said...

I found your podcast through itunes, I've heard the first two so far. As Im not a native english speaker, i find myself rewinding it every few minutes and overall i really like it :-)
What other resources/tools/ways do u suggest for learning the grammar?

Udi (zurich)
u_ b p (a) ya hoo. com

Laura said...

Hi Udi,
Canoo has some very useful things to say about grammar in German and in English:

You could also practise using German exercises. For instance, these are quite good if you are a beginner or intermediate learner:
although they don't specify which grammar point they test you on, there is likely to be a grammar point behind most of them. I learnt German in Germany using Themen Aktuell's predecessor, which was just called "Themen", and I found it very useful (although it is a general course book, not specifically focused on grammar).

It might also be a good idea to get a grammar workbook (a workbook is an Arbeitsbuch in German). I am currently working my way through a grammar workbook for Polish. I can't recommend a particular book for German, but I do recommend getting one that includes the answers in the back, so that you can check if you got the exercises right. Knowing where you went wrong will help you understand how the grammar works and where you need to think about it differently or practise more.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the work you put into these. Your podcast is one of the few I regularly look out for. Did you know that there is a problem with the latest one on itunes?

Laura said...

Hi anonymous,

What sort of problem has cropped up on iTunes? Can you email me to tell me more? germangrammarpod 'at' yahoo .co .uk

Anonymous said...

found it very helpful.thanks laura

Mathew Kosmo said...

found it very helpful.thanks laura

Anonymous said...
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Julian Koch said...

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