Saturday, 24 July 2010

How to Use a Dictionary

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Jm Blanchard said...

Hi Laura,
thanks so much for sharing your knowledge of languages with us. I am just beginning to learn German at almost 50 years old (I studied it a little in high school and astonishingly, still remember a few words). I really like the method you use to teach, specifically, how you give a brief definition of a grammatical rule without getting sidetracked from the main point. Pretty amazing compared to most instruction I can remember.

My reason for commenting is about the Collins German/English dictionary you mentioned. It is also available for the iPad and iPhone, which is how I use it. Thought this might be interesting to you and your other listeners. I live in South Carolina, USA, by the way.


Anonymous said...

Your podcast is a godsend!! I'm studying german here in Germany and they are explaining all of the grammar rules in german which is a nightmare. I barely understand these rules when presented in English. I've never been very grammar oriented.

I have two suggestions.
1) Would you be so kind as to publish a podcast about reflexive verbs. Thant would be amazing!!

2) What about doing a video podcast where you have visual examples of what your explianing.


Cody said...

Hey Laura,
I Just found your blog by looking up Pluperfect on google. Your blog was the first site. You have a great blog here and and I am very impressed with your podcast to which I have just subscribed. May I suggest you do a post on adjective endings? I can speak German well enough but those adj. endings still give me trouble. Thanks for this amazing blog.

Kevin said...

Hello Laura,
Thank you for all your effort in providing us your great podcasts. It is much appreciated. I too am starting to learn German at a later time (43) as stated by the first commenter. Took German 101 in 1990 but sadly did not continue.

Not too long ago I bought Harper Collins “German Unabridged Dictionary.” It’s time to dust it off and make good use of it. It seems to be a lot like yours from the dictionary podcast. What do you think of it?

Cheers from Kentucky,USA!

Laura said...

@ Kevin,

I like Collins German dictionaries. Having bought the unabridged one should be very helpful to you, as it should have the vast majority of words you need to look up. If you need a phrase the dictionary doesn't have or a specialist term, then it's worth trying online dictionaries, which have no space limitations and therefore have a lot more phrases and more specialist vocab.

@ Cody,

I plan to do adjectival endings as my next podcast (another listener has also asked for that one). I'm not sure how long it'll take before it's ready, as I'm not sure how much stuff I'm going to want to say and I haven't started writing it yet, but fingers crossed I'll manage to find some time for it soon.

Laura said...

German dictionaries compress a lot of information into a tiny amount of space. This podcast teaches you how to interpret the information and gives some tips for beginners on useful strategies for using a German dictionary. It also includes a basic description of nine key word classes by means of a poem.

If iTunes fails to download any of these episodes automatically for you for any reason, you can always transfer them to iTunes manually. To do this, you need to find the relevant episode on my blog, right click the click here link, select "Save Link as..."/"Save Target as..." and save it directly to your computer. Once it's there, you can open up iTunes, click File, then click Add File to Library and browse to where you saved the podcast. Select the podcast and iTunes will add it to your library - I find it always seems to turn up in the Music section, rather than the podcast section. I don't know why. From there, you can add it to your mp3 player.

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