Tuesday, 21 July 2009

New Web Address



melledge said...

Hi Laura,

Nice to see you've found a suitable replacement. Have you ever considered registering a domain name such as "germangrammarpod.com" ? It seems to be available. You could even continue to host on Google Sites for free, just using your own domain name. Might make your great resources much easier to find. Just go here for more info: http://www.google.com/apps/intl/en/group/index.html

Thanks for the great podcast and learning materials. It's been an invaluable resource for me since moving to Germany.

Kind Regards,
Matthew (an American living in Germany)

Anonymous said...


Thanks so much for the podcasts. I have been teaching myself German informally over the past 5 years and find your in-depth explanations of the language very helpful. I have quickly been humbled into admitting that I am at best at the intermediate skill level, and plan to attend some night courses this fall. Mike

Anonymous said...

Just 'discovered' this website and wow... brilliant Laura! Brilliant.

I nearly wept with one of the more complex podcasts earlier, but in all honesty, after two years of teaching myself German your explanations were just fantastic.

I really appreciate it - I truly do.

Brit in Cologne.

NYChickie said...

Hi Laura-

Just wanted to say thanks for all your work! I've been self-teaching (intensively) this past year, and eagerly look forward to your new podcasts!

Keith said...

I like your site. I'm currently relearning German after years of neglect (shame on me!). I'll continue to follow your site.

I tried to click on the link, but it doesn't seem to work? Am I doing something wrong?

Laura said...

Hi Keith,

The link to the new site works for me. Is that the one you mean? If it is, I'm not sure why it's not working for you. You could try typing it into your address bar (maybe without the "home" that's on the end of the other links I gave): http://sites.google.com/site/germangrammarpod

Laura said...

As I hope most of you know, German GrammarPod doesn't just have a blog, it also has a separate website with tables of all the information from my podcasts that lends itself to that sort of format. Until now, that website has been hosted by Yahoo Geocities. Unfortunately, Yahoo has decided to close Geocities in October 2009. Because of this I've moved the site.

I decided to move to Google Sites, because I'm hoping that a big company like Google will hang on to its free webhosting (and if it doesn't, will at least give me a decent period of notice to get things moved again like Yahoo did). So the new website is at http://sites.google.com/site/germangrammarpod/home.

If anyone spots any errors or missing bits, please can you email me and let me know? Google and Yahoo run rather different systems, and I had to think up new ways of doing some things on Google, which meant I couldn't just do a straight transfer. Because of that, it's possible that some bits got lost in transit, some links might not work or some transcripts accidentally got replaced by the wrong version. Let me know by email if you find any problems, and I'll put them right.

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