Saturday, 22 March 2008

Your Recommendations

I've noticed that the blog post about everyone's recommendations for German learning resources on the Internet has slipped off the bottom of the first page of this blog. As I think it's the best and most important post on this blog, I'm putting a link to it in here.

If anyone knows any good German learning resources, it'd be great if you could add to it too.


Bill Daniels said...

The podcasts are an effortless listen, likely due to the talents of Laura, the site's host. One would think she is a voice-over professional, and not only the thoughtful creator and writer of the work. Her love and understanding of grammar translates into practical and simple lessons.

I found the Grammarpod podcasts to be very helpful, and they helped to set straight a number of glitches in my own thinking. To help myself lock it in, I was able to make a series of computerized flashcards from the lists Laura posted. There is a site ("Before You Know It") that sells this software but which one can use for free online, and can even download a free version which is enough to use the lists. I have no stake in this company other than owning a copy of the full version of the software, which allows me to make the lists. Here is the link to Grammarpod lists I uploaded-

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure whether I reveal any secrets but I assume that not everyone knows what the logo of this podcast is about. Thus, I recently took a photo in Munich, which provides some hints:


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