Sunday, 27 May 2007

Gap between episodes

Hi everyone,

I was planning to do another German Grammarpod this weekend, but my laptop's been stolen, so I'll have to wait till I get a replacement before I can do the next one. Hopefully that will be within two or three weeks. (I'm currently writing on a borrowed laptop, but I can't download the software I need to make the recording onto it.)

Just so everyone knows, it's my plan to do one episode each calendar month. It's easier for me to keep track like that and I seem more or less to be able to write and record them quickly enough to keep up with that time scale.


Jimmy B said...

Hope you get your Laptop back! Looking forward to your next updates.

Laura said...

Thanks, Jimmy. I have a new laptop, all I'm waiting for now is for the headset (with the microphone) to arrive and for my cold to disappear so I don't sound too much like Darth Vader on the podcast and I'll be up and running again. Hopefully by the end of this weekend.

Jimmy B said...

Glad to have you back. I think your new mic is a little mufflier than your old one, but I'll live with it...

Please keep up the good work: It's helping me with my German!

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