Sunday, 21 January 2007

How to subscribe

It's occurred to me that not everyone who wants to know about German grammar knows what you need to do to download a podcast onto their iPod or any other type of MP3 player, so I thought I'd better make sure the instructions were in my blog. If you happen not to use iTunes, then I'm afraid you'll have to just use these instructions as a rough guide, as I only know how to use iTunes in detail. If anyone knows how to use the other programs, could you add a note to comments to say if it's very different? I can always add more information to the blog.

  • The first thing you have to do is click the link up in the top left-hand corner of this blog that says subscribe to my feed.
  • This will take you to
  • On the right-hand side, simply click Add to iTunes
  • Then open up iTunes in your computer
  • German GrammarPod will appear under Podcasts (you can get to that page by using the menu on the left hand side)
  • Plug your iPod (or other MP3 player) into your computer via a USB port
  • Your iPod/MP3 player will appear in the menu on the left. Drag episodes of German GrammarPod across to your iPod/MP3 player in the menu.

Alternatively, instead of simply clicking Add to iTunes, you can:

  • Copy the web address shown in feedburner (the one on the right, under the Add to iTunes button)
  • Open up iTunes
  • In the menu across the top click Advanced,
  • then Subscribe to Podcast...
  • then add the web address (also known as a URL) to the window that appears
  • then click OK

After that, it's the same as if you'd clicked the Add to iTunes button.

Deleting Podcasts

After I've listened to a podcast, I like to delete it from my iPod. I do that by going into the podcasts part of my iPod in iTunes, using the menu on the left of iTunes. I left click the podcast once, then click the Delete button on my keyboard, to get rid of it from my iPod. If I want it back, I just download it again from my computer, as I've got my iTunes set up to hang onto my podcast downloads unless I decide to get rid of them.


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