Sunday, 13 July 2008


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John X said...

Hi, Laura:

I just downloaded the latest podcast; thanks again for another very helpful bit of instruction (though I am quite the beginner and much of what gets explained is over my head.)

Good to get the latest lesson after the long hiatus.

Thanks also for posting the photo; it's nice to connect a face to a voice.

Your listeners / students wish you the best, and much happiness in your marriage!

melledge said...

Hi Laura,

Congratulations! Thanks for sharing this event with us. I wish you Jason all the best in your life together!

Also, thanks for the great podcast! As an American living in Germany, your clear and concise explanations have often filled the gaps in my knowledge better than any native German can explain. Keep up the great work!

Unknown said...

Wow - another excellent podcast on German grammar! The amount of work you put into this is amazing...

Congratulations and the very best wishes for the future!


Anonymous said...

I think these podcasts are great. My german grammar is reasonably good yet find there is still a lot in these podcasts, I just hope that the beginners also get something out of them while accepting that not everything needs to be learnt at once.

I often find gaps in my grammar are filled in even though they might seem basic.

An example from the word order exceptions podcast. My favourite word order "joke" is "Den Brieftrager biss der Hund" of course it's the dog doing the biting. But I didn't really know that you couldn't say "Die Brieftragerin biss die Katze" because with feminine nouns the nom. and acc. articles are the same. Makes sense of course.

Dr Me said...

Congratulations on your marriage Laura, may you and your husband have a great life together.

Anyway, I've just discovered your podcast in the past month or so and am relearning my German grammar - quite effectively to date. Many many thanks for all of your hard work on this formidable task.

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura,

I encountered your podcast today and am very impressed with your scholarship and very grateful for your service to us all. Such a fantastic resource! Vielen Dank.

Now I can work my way through all the instalments to date, hoping that there are more to come.

All the best to you both, and thank you!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations girl!! I just stumbled upon this page, haven't yet had the chance to sample your wares but will be doing so immediately!! I'm struggling a bit in college so fingers crossed!! :D xxx

Anonymous said...

I just want to add my thanks to you for spending the time to make the notes and podcasts (I've downloaded them all. Very helpful indeed. I've married an Austrian recently and am trying to ressurect 10+ year old GCSE level.
Grammar is the skeleton and thank you for putting in the tricks and the *note this*.

Alvaro said...

I am from Spain and this is my secon year in a language school, altough I work as a winemaker.Nowadays, the methods are very practical but they do not teach a los of grammar. i think it is necessary, so i appreciate you giving us some help. I am very happy i found you.

Alvaro said...

I appreciate very much the classes. I am following a German course wich lacks a little bit of method (grammar).Nowadays, the learninf of languages is very practical with little method. and I am a little bit classic. I am from Spain and i appreciate you giving us this helpful classes.Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the podcasts - I do appreciate your time, effort and generosity; and, of course, congratulations on the wedding.
Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

hey, congrats!
and also happy new year!
here in toronto we're hours away from 2009, where are you located btw?
all best, H.A.

Laura said...

@ Anonymous

I live in London. It's 2009 for me too now :)

PObermanns said...

Love your podcasts, have found them very helpful.

I hope that (when you have time) that you can address prepositions; these tend to give me lots of problems. As example, recently I needed to tell my employer in Kassel that we need more assistants that were fluent in English, to help me with my work. I said "Wir müssen mehr Studenten finden, dass sehr gut English sprechen." I was corrected on this to replace the "dass" with "die'. This made absolutely no sense, until I wrote out the sentence, and my friends explained that the "die" referred back to "Studenten." So much for replacing "that" with "dass".

In any case, I appreciate your podcasts, and I look forward to your next insallment.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your Big Day!

I am a fellow Brit living in Frankfurt am Main and find your Podcasts very helpful in clarifying the Grammar that's 'explained' in various books I have on learning this great language.

Keep up the good work and my only gripe is your Podcasts don't appear regularly enough!

I wish you much happiness post-Wedding and thanks again for taking the time to make these podcasts.


CM said...

Dear Laura,
Thanks so much for your podcasts, I've found them very helpful. I've been studying German for 4 years but it's great finding instruction and information that help me fine tune my knowledge of grammar at the intermediate/advanced level.
The podcast on "werden" helped, with the passive that super "aha" moment when I finally understood a part of the passive tense and how to use it properly.
So now of course, I hooked!
You're doing an excellent job.
Thanks for sharing your wedding photo, many blessings on your marriage!

Unknown said...

I got married in London on 10 May 2008. For the promised photo of my husband and me, please click here:

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