Monday, 1 January 2007

About the Podcast

The podcast accompanying this blog is aimed at explaining the world of German grammar. Its aim is to be accessible to all levels of learner, but on its own it's not intended to be enough to teach German - in fact very little German is used in the podcast. That's because I figure there are plenty of places you can find content in German, from elsewhere on the web to schools, evening classes and university. What tends to be in shorter supply is a thorough and easily accessible explanation of German grammar.

Grammar itself provides an understanding of a language that takes you from being able to parrot phrases someone else has given you to being able to use the words you've learnt as building blocks to create new sentences. And this podcast will provide you with the grammar you need to do that.


Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to listening to your podcasts while I'm on my semester break. What a great find!
Thank you

Cookies said...

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Unknown said...

Great set of Podcasts but I am struggling with the speed at which so much information is provided, at least with the first one that I have listened to regarding the Dative case, so I shall have to listen to it several times.
Dr Russell Dean

Eaalim said...

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